Awareness & Inclusion 

What behaviours marginalise and how to break down those barriers

 - Identifying current issues within the work force

 - Developing peaceful proactive approaches  

 - Confidence to not engage in negative behaviour

 - How to open dialect and promote                            inclusion

Diversity Strategies

Ensure your company is inclusive

Focused for policy makers

- Are your policies clear on what is unacceptable

- Promote equality & diversity in the work place change behaviour, don't send it underground

- What can be done to support employees to change


Improvement & understanding of safeguarding issues and how individials are at risk

 - Indentify who are vulnerable.

 - Different types of abuse & abusers.

 - Different factors associated with abuse.

 - Clarity on company policy and what to do next.

Discrimination Awareness & Banter

What is discrimination?

When is banter inappropriate? 

- Identify different styles & types of discrimination

- Review current legistlation & company policy

- Identify peaceful proactive solutions to use within the work place

- Choose specific areas that relate to the work