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Contracted year on year training

Regular on going training continues

to serve as a reminder of strong 

organisational policy. It also

increases the wellbeing of

the workforce.

A committed ongoing training program for employees, ensures that they recieve: information; support; advice and guidence on a regular basis. 

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All individual courses last four hours.

Delivered (am or pm) 

 supporting attendances 

comfortably of 12-16

As an individual you could also be able to engage in a 1:1 insight and awareness session. 

Sessions can be tailored to address specific protected characteristics or amalgamate all

In addition periodically through-out the year TiD hold group sessions in London, which support an overall awareness training and proactive guides

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All training courses 

For organisations that undertake multiple individual training & or sessions tailored to individual protected characteristics.

It is cost effective and underpins the development of a robust diversity strategy. 

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